Handmade duct tape purses to help me get on the mission field.

Pink Polka Zebra Purse

Extra Large Purse

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"Sampson" and Delilah Purse

Extra Large Purse

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Child Size Purse

Me with purse made with  Paint Splatter Fun Tape from Justice

Medium Size
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Updated Patterned Duct Tape

Justice Tape- Pink Plaid Fun Tape, and Paint Splatter Fun Tape

Paint Splatter, Pink Polka-dot, Hello Kitty, Blue and Green Argyle

Blue Paisley, Blue and Purple Plaid, Blue and Purple Tie-Dye

Fire, Hunter’s Camo (middle), Army Camo (bottom)

Zebra, Silver, Leopard, Baroque
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Updated Duct Tape Colors

Light Blue(top), Dark Blue (middle), Turquoise (bottom)

Florescent pink (top), Hot Pink (middle), Pink (bottom)

Florescent Green (top), Light Green (middle left), Lime Green (middle right), Dark Green (bottom left), yellow (bottom right)

3 different shades of purple

Olive Drab (top), white, brown, tan, black (bottom)

Florescent orange (top), orange (middle), red (bottom)
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Purses for Friends of Trisha and Toni

Large Sized
Large Sized Purses

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More purses!

Tie-Dye  Purse and Argyle Purse ( Large Sized)
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Child Size Purses

Pink is Small sized while Blue is Medium Sized

Medium Sized Purse on Grace
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Melissa’s Spring Purse

Melissa’s Purse- large sized
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Zebra and Leopard Purse with Blue Highlights

Large Sized Purse
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