Handmade duct tape purses to help me get on the mission field.

Teddy Bear with Pink Heart Purse

Me with purse that my mom helped me a lot with.

Large sized purse
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Kayla’s Purses

Pink Polka Zebra done in a large size modeled by Alexa.

The  Large Leopard  and Zebra with Hot Pink Highlights.
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As of Monday, May 2, we are going take a break from making purses for a few weeks.  You can still put an order in but it will be after May 22 before we start back making purses.  If you ordered a purse May 1 or before, we will finish these orders this week and get them to you.

I am truly thankful for all of the orders and word of mouth advertising I have received.  The website has received almost 1400 hits since February!


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