Handmade duct tape purses to help me get on the mission field.

New* Owl Purse

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Mexico and Peru in 2012

Many of you have ordered my purses and I want to say thank you.  In 2011, I made over 75 duct tape purses to help me get to Peru.

Each duct-tape purse is handmade and styled according to what a person wants.  The prices for 2012 will be:

$25 for a small purse

$30 for a medium-sized purse

$35 for a large-sized purse

Thank you so much for considering helping me through this endeavor.  If you cannot financially help, please pray for me as I plan for these great opportunities.  You can order your purse by commenting on this post or email me at hannahlehew@gmail.com.


Hannah In Peru

Hannah with some girls
Hannah sharing her testimony
Hannah playing  (or watching) kickball with some students
Surely she didn’t eat all that chicken by herself?

Just a small quick update.  There have been several salvations; 20+ the first day and 15+ the second. Not sure of today (Sunday). 
Thank you to all who are praying for her and thank you to those who helped support her trip.
Sarah Lehew

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http://www.awestar.org/calvarytu2011/   Paste this address in your browser and follow our updates while in Peru.  We leave on Tuesday, July 19 and return July 31.

We will post updates as time and resources allow!  You can also follow Mike at twitter.com/mlehew for occasional updates.

Thank you again for ordering purses and for your prayer support!

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Where in the WORLD has Hannah been?

Thank you for your patience!  I have been gone through much of the month of June and just got back from a float trip on the Illinois River with my youth group!

The first week of June, I went to Mission Arlington with my youth group.  I got the opportunity to share the Gospel in two different apartment communities in Arlington, Texas!  It was great!  We saw kids come to know Christ and my faith grew as a result.

The week after Mission Arlington, I got a chance to be a part of our LIT Mission Trip and a chance to host missionaries from AWESTAR–an organization that sends students out and this summer they are in Cambodia, Latvia, Peru, and Panama!  Our LIT mission trip was for kids in 4th-6th grades and I got a chance to help with this mission trip in our community!

This past weekend, I got we had a PERU retreat and our team spent Friday night in worship and prayer.  On Saturday, we finished preparations in getting ready for the trip!  I am so excited!

I am very excited to go to Peru.  We leave July 19th and return July 31st!  I am going to get to be on the children’s ministry team!  Check out http://www.awestar.org and go to Trip updates for Calvary and Ridgeway and you will be able to see updates from our trip the week that we are there!

I will also post on here a prayer calendar for you to pray for us while we are in Peru!  I cannot thank you enough for your support by purchasing purses for my Peru trip!  Through you, I am fully funded!  If you still want a purse, I can start on them after Peru!

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Hello Kitty Purse

Extra Large Purse
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Teddy Bear with Pink Heart Purse

Me with purse that my mom helped me a lot with.

Large sized purse
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Kayla’s Purses

Pink Polka Zebra done in a large size modeled by Alexa.

The  Large Leopard  and Zebra with Hot Pink Highlights.
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As of Monday, May 2, we are going take a break from making purses for a few weeks.  You can still put an order in but it will be after May 22 before we start back making purses.  If you ordered a purse May 1 or before, we will finish these orders this week and get them to you.

I am truly thankful for all of the orders and word of mouth advertising I have received.  The website has received almost 1400 hits since February!


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Pink Polka Zebra Purse

Extra Large Purse

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